Unix (MacOS, Linux)

The latest stable version is available from pypi:

pip install pyGeno


pip install pyGeno --upgrade

If you’re more adventurous, the bleeding edge version is available from github (look for the ‘bloody’ branch):

git clone
cd pyGeno
python develop


git pull


  • Goto: and download the installer for the lastest version of python 3.5

  • Double click on the installer to begin installation

  • Click on the windows start menu

  • Type “cmd” and click on it to launch the command line interface

  • In the command line interface type:

    cd C:\Python35\Scripts
  • Now type: pip install pyGeno

  • Now click on the windows start menu. In the python 3.5 menu you can either launch Python (Command line) or IDLE (Python GUI)

  • You can now go to: and type the commands into either one of them

UPGRADE: to upgrade pyGeno to the latest version, launch cmd and type:

cd C:\Python27\Scripts

followed by:

pip install pyGeno --upgrade